A new, free SIGHUP joint has been released, City passage, by our friends at the Feedbackloop label:

It’s a reasonably short release, three tracks, just over twenty minutes. Alas, it came out several weeks ago, but work has drained my writing abilities enough this past month that only today, my first day of a two-week vacation, did I find the momentum to update here. Much of the material for this release was put together at the same time I was doing the music every day project. Make sure to read the release notes by Alex Stretts, I think they add to the music considerably. The excellent cover art was put together by Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen and Leonardo Rosado, and the recordings were mastered by madSavVy Productions. This is the first time a third party has mastered my stuff, interesting process. Frequencies were shifted in a way that contrasted with my preconceptions of the music, a mental challenge I really enjoyed confronting.

Disquiet, which in my opinion has long been the best web publication writing about this kind of music, posted a nice write-up about the release earlier this week.

Speaking of the music every day project, which was the subject of my last update here, it failed. I made it to 90 days, but I knew I was hitting a sort of holding pattern with the quality/structure of each new piece, and it just didn’t seem like a good idea to continue it beyond that point. I have some ideas for making use of the material I collected over the course of the project, but since pulling the plug, I’ve needed a good long break from music making. The project remains online, however, free for all to check out what I accomplished in that time.

One other SIGHUP release I forgot to mention here, a track of mine appeared on the compilation The More Unknown C. Reider released by Vuzh Music. There are quite a lot of contributions on that release, well worth sitting down with.

Update: Acts of silence has posted a nice write-up for City passage. And another interesting take on it from Valiska. One thing that is exciting in seeing these reviews, my goal was to evoke our internal process and experience of place and environment, so far it seems that listeners are picking up on that. Track three was included in a pretty cool radio mix for the Upstate Soundscape show on WBNY in Buffalo.

As has been my tradition, I’ve ended each of the past four years with a bit of stupid music, generally some clip that I’d hung on to through most of the year that I ultimately couldn’t bring myself to delete but never knew what to do with. The first two entries were aimless riffs, the final two entries were completed tracks. All were stupid. Here they are for posterity:

Stupid 70s PSA 2009

Stupid Riff Dub 2008

Stupid Riff 2007

Stupid Riff 2006

This year, I had no stupid riff to post, in part because I didn’t dwell on any failed attempts much this year, and in part because I was ruthless in deleting crap as I went along. So, I’ve decided to put an end to the stupid riffs effort. In its stead, I’m starting something new, and something probably too ambitious by far, but what the hell. I will be writing/recording/posting a new bit of music each day for the duration of 2011. I really enjoyed Marcus Fischer’s dustbreeding blog, in which he posted something creative each day of 2009, and Taylor Deupree’s One Sound Each Day project that same year, and have since been thinking about taking on a thing-a-day project of my own. Similarly, since the track I did for Analog Industries’ ten-minute challenge a few years ago, I’ve really liked the act of producing something quickly, without too much pre- or post-fussing. So, I’ve decided to start the SIGHUPyear project:


I threw the site layout together in a rush yesterday when I hatched the idea in an idle moment, so it might still require some finessing. Two entries have been posted already, as befits being two days into the new year, and one will be added each day until the year ends or I drop, whichever comes first. As I see it, both outcomes offer a certain degree of entertainment.

Six years ago, I made this track as a tribute following the death of Geff Rushton on November 13, 2004:

Dirge in blue and clear (for Jhonn Balance) by SIGHUP

It now, sadly, has a companion piece, as Geff’s partner Peter Christopherson passed over on November 25, 2010.

Theme from Threshold (for Sleazy) by SIGHUP

I didn’t know either man, but their work as Coil, and Peter Christopherson’s work before and since in Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Soisong, and The Threshold HouseBoys Choir, has played a very key role in the ways I think about and make music. I don’t think it’s an overstatement that SIGHUP would be very different without their influence. On a technical note, all the sounds in this track started life from the Bugbrand Audioweevil, which felt appropriate, as I know Sleazy was fond of using the Boardweevil in recent works.

In the weeks prior to Sleazy’s death, he, Chris Carter, and Cosey Fanni Tutti had formed X-TG, as Throbbing Gristle’s reunion tour sort of fell apart. If you haven’t yet heard it, I highly recommend it. Here’s the first part of, I believe, one of only two X-TG live performances. Click through to Soundcloud for the second part.

X-TG ‘XVox’ Live at Porto Casa Musica by Industrial Records

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