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Something I’ve been digging for a while now. Just stopped by the UTM site tonight and noticed a few new episodes.

This series is some of the best new music I’ve listened to in the past year. It comes across as a sort of sampling opera (actually just noticed now that it’s even described as an opera on the front page, so there you have it). Made as a nine-part radio show for EMCRadio.

George Fox, the maker of said noise, is really on to something with this format. Stylistically it covers a lot of ground, and thematically it’s always fairly engaging. One thing I find fascinating about it is that everything plays out of context, even the music bits. There may be a straightforward beat playing at any given moment, but you don’t just hear it as such, since you’re forced to take all the layers and surrounding bits into consideration along with it.

I can’t recommend listening to all of them enough. Installments 5/9 and 7/9 are the newest ones (they’re not released in sequential order). There’s even a SIGHUP sound snippet hidden in the fray of 9/9 (although only just barely, it was a short clip that I posted on a forum of some layered noise I made as a sleeping aid for my son when he was an infant).

Click the picture to take you there.

And further to my previous post on one guy playing, just discovered that Thomas Dolby is starting a video podcast series. He’s pimping his latest product (as all good bloggers should), so it might not be that exciting in the end, but I really like how he handles his one-man-bandhood in the clips. Not as cool as the video he posted a few months ago where he explained the steps of what he was doing on stage, but worth it to me just to briefly hear One of Our Submarines.

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