As is my habit for the past few years, I’m posting some SIGHUP music to ring in the new year. This time around, something new and something old.

First, the old:

Download: SIGHUP – longplayer

Around six years ago, a group of people got together to create a benefit record for Stillstream radio. Each track was intended as longform ambient, and altogether the compilation comprised close to a full day’s worth of music. It was sold as a DVD on Darrell Burgan’s now-defunct Blue Water Records, which had exclusive distribution of the music for a five-year tenure, and all proceeds went to keep Stillstream on the air. I doubt it sold many copies, a day’s worth of music being a lot to take on as a listener. So here is my seldom heard contribution, longplayer. I was on a feedback kick at the time, this is mostly processed bits of the like. It has its moments. In form, it shares traits with the Kenji Siratori collaboration track I did around the same time, SIGHUP in Seminary Boy Sonata.

And on to the new: (track taken down to make room for new stuff)


As of time of writing, the lone SIGHUP release in 2011, City Passage, is 14 downloads shy of 8,000. Go get it if you haven’t yet, push it over that mark if you are so inclined. Happy new year.

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