As has been my tradition, I’ve ended each of the past four years with a bit of stupid music, generally some clip that I’d hung on to through most of the year that I ultimately couldn’t bring myself to delete but never knew what to do with. The first two entries were aimless riffs, the final two entries were completed tracks. All were stupid. Here they are for posterity:

Stupid 70s PSA 2009

Stupid Riff Dub 2008

Stupid Riff 2007

Stupid Riff 2006

This year, I had no stupid riff to post, in part because I didn’t dwell on any failed attempts much this year, and in part because I was ruthless in deleting crap as I went along. So, I’ve decided to put an end to the stupid riffs effort. In its stead, I’m starting something new, and something probably too ambitious by far, but what the hell. I will be writing/recording/posting a new bit of music each day for the duration of 2011. I really enjoyed Marcus Fischer’s dustbreeding blog, in which he posted something creative each day of 2009, and Taylor Deupree’s One Sound Each Day project that same year, and have since been thinking about taking on a thing-a-day project of my own. Similarly, since the track I did for Analog Industries’ ten-minute challenge a few years ago, I’ve really liked the act of producing something quickly, without too much pre- or post-fussing. So, I’ve decided to start the SIGHUPyear project:

I threw the site layout together in a rush yesterday when I hatched the idea in an idle moment, so it might still require some finessing. Two entries have been posted already, as befits being two days into the new year, and one will be added each day until the year ends or I drop, whichever comes first. As I see it, both outcomes offer a certain degree of entertainment.

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