I am releasing a new album today, entitled cue sheet. This is my first commercial release since last year’s end of. The new album is four tracks, roughly 42 minutes long, and available as a download (in many audio formats) for $5 USD through Bandcamp. It can also be previewed in full there (and here):

Once I had completed end of, I decided I wanted a change in style and technique for whatever came next. At the time, I had been listening to a lot of melody-heavy ambient music, like recent releases on the 12k label and stuff by The Fun Years, and so gravitated toward that kind of approach at first. I also wanted to move away from using old records as source material, especially since the wax cylinder archive changed its licensing policy last year, and so everything here was made by me.

Cue sheet in its current form is at least the second if not third complete release I made using that working title. Early versions have all been discarded and ransacked for bits I could reuse, several of which have made it in to the final draft. As it turns out, the final release is more consistent with the style of the last two commercial albums than I had expected. After creating material, I gradually refined it back to something more consistent with the general SIGHUP style, not intentionally, but I guess I’ve created a discernible SIGHUP style for a reason (or at least can’t escape it outright).

There are still overtly melodic elements contained within work, just fewer of them than I had originally intended. The release reminds me in a way of something like Brian Eno’s Apollo, moving from stretches of minimally shaped sound to downright tuneful bits. No slide guitar, alas, but there is some ukulele. I like how the music has turned out, it hangs in the air in an appropriate way.

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