Wherein our hero celebrates the changing of your wall calendar by unburdening himself of some crap that hung around through much of the past year.

This year’s entry gives me a certain “Um, Steve, are you feeling alright?” kind of vibe. I got M-Tron Pro early this year, became enchanted with a guitar loop, and struck upon this. I envision it as a soundtrack to an old PSA film reel, in mono no less, something they might have shown to kids in Health class in the 70s, something about poor Misty not feeling right down there, and there’s Johnny, obliviously spreading the clap to all the girls in Grade 11. A little like Larry Clark’s Kids, except with more soft focus. Here it is:

Stupid Riff 2009 – 70s PSA edition

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  1. The best riffs, i think, are those that could accompany black and white 10 minute school films about the dangers of spiteful living or the joy of physics.

    Happy new year! thanks for sharing this.

  2. That could be a useful composing tool, it could be called the Social Guidance Film Standard.

    Thanks for listening.

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