For anyone keeping track, Edison Moon has been available on eMusic and iTunes for the past two years, which I’ve added there through Tunecore. Tunecore is a fine service, but not for me. The sales I’ve generated through eMusic and iTunes have covered Tunecore’s annual database fee and little else, so I’m pulling the plug on it for now. Just not worth the cost to me, even if it isn’t too expensive and I do now and again net a random sale through those retailers.

I’m a little disappointed with how eMusic panned out, especially since I’m an ardent fan and member of eMusic’s subscription service and have been for several years. Their site should be much, much better than it is at helping customers find unknown music that might suit their tastes, and letting indie acts connect to new audiences. As it is , it’s just an ever expanding clearing house, with little to no curation involved. It’s getting frustrating just as a customer, they can’t even come up with a system to separate bands with the same name in their database.

Now that I’m using the Bandcamp storefront to sell releases, I’m happy cutting out a middleman, and I’ve made more sales from both Edison Moon and End Of just selling on my own than I ever did through iTunes or eMusic. For customers, I’ve set my prices at $5 USD, half of what iTunes charges, and you can choose from a whole slough of file formats. Bandcamp’s Flash download mechanism isn’t perfect, but it’ll do fine for now.

Which means all new commercial releases will be available from this page.

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