Lots of stuff to update, as I’ve chosen to go blog-quiet for the last little while. But now I break that silence.

To start, a new SIGHUP album has just been released.

SIGHUP – end of

Entitled end of, it’s another collection of noises, drones and old records. There’s a bigger blurb on the release page, so I’ll spare you the pain of reading it twice. Here is the track listing and run times:

1. if nowhere else (13:26)
2. saints brimful (12:33)
3. city heart (8:35)
4. end of (15:50)
5. coda (4:54)

The album can be previewed in full via the flash player on the Bandcamp page, or can be purchased in mp3 or various lossless codecs for only $5USD. Paypal only I believe. I had originally tried setting up a store on more local server, but did not enjoy doing so, and went Bandcamp instead since it makes so many things so easy.

I also recently appeared on a compilation, this one free to download.

Au clair de la lune (digital edition), released by Infrequency. http://www.infrequency.org The compilation collects interpretations of a phonautograph recording made by Édouard-Léon Scott on April 9, 1860, as recovered and digitized by Firstsounds.org. You can hear the original on the Firstsounds website. Some really good tracks involved. Mine, called Pierrot répondit, closes the set.

For the fun of it, here’s a little something I did on a recent day off, posted previously only via Twitter. An exercise to see what I could come up with using a single sample.

Here’s the sample: http://www.sighup.ca/misc/note1.mp3

And here’s the result: SIGHUP – simple

I spent a good portion of the weekend overhauling the SIGHUP main site this weekend, time to get away from all that empty white space, which served me well enough for the last four years but I was in the end sick of it. For those familiar with this blog, I’ve also updated the template here to reflect the colours of the main site a little better. I am winded now, back to that silence.

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