A new SIGHUP track is available today as part of a free compilation put out by Intelligent Machinery Productions. You can the whole compilation here:

Thoughts of the Long Now compilation

If you are just interested in my bit, here it is:

SIGHUP – For you and your big sunglasses

If you are wondering, the track title is mostly meaningless, just struck me as funny to make something as a tribute to the vapidity of the big sunglass wearers in these times of celebrity worship and overheated consumerism.


As for the compilation, it’s long (2.5 hours) and for me, a bit uneven. IMP head honcho John’s goals for these compilations are different than mine, and I believe his our predicated on encouraging communal efforts and broad participation. I’m much more interested in the monolithic aesthetic/artistic gesture. In that spirit, if you find yourself unable to sit through the whole thing, here is my revised and preferred playlist from the compilation. No slight intended to those participants I’ve excluded, this list is just a reflection of my personal tastes and interests:

01 SIGHUP – For you and your big sunglasses
02 BpOlar – Gospel 4 Si
03 dust – Headphone Drone
04 gurdonark – Sub-Atomic Joy
05 vespers – december (candles for the dead)
06 Controlled Dissonance – Bin Full of Cables
07 Slug (37 2 C) – Solaris
08 Mystahr – Drowne

I think that set makes for an excellent and engaging listen (or disengaging, as some cases may necessitate).

Comments: (4)

  1. You just like starting trouble, don’t you?

  2. I try my best.

  3. Hey you hippie.
    I’ve been offline for a long while now but saw you commenting on a blog about sampling the QChord… I just might do that for you.
    My interest was solely in the midi-out capabilities, not the onboard sounds (unsurprisingly)
    but there’s some insanely cheesy sounds on there…

  4. CJ!

    Where did I say that? Was it Failed Muso’s blog? I seem to vaguely recall saying that.

    As far as I know, there’s never been a concerted effort to sample the Qchord, I think that’s the kind of cheese the world deserves. Let me know if you do.

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