I’ve been interested of late in doing some works for moving images, but have no real experience working with video. To that end, I’ve started messing around with video editing software to acclimatize myself to the process. Strange process to some degree for my audio-centric brain, in that it bears similarities to working with audio sequencers, but it all seems fundamentally less flexible. I’ll get used it, no doubt.

Below is the fruit of my first weekend’s labour. Don’t expect much, since it’s really just a proof-of-concept for me, but I liked it as a sort of postcard. I found stock footage of a dandelion, which I quite liked (made public domain on archive.org on the good graces of one C. E. Price), and looped/edited it to 10min, the track I did recently in ten minutes. The haphazardness of the track seemed appropriate for this video.

[flashvideo filename=http://www.sighup.ca/video/10min.flv /]

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  1. Cute – you should do something NOT cute.

  2. Ha!

    In due time of course. I can settle for cute for this turn.

  3. Nice. while watching i was excepting more changes. but i think it’s better this way.
    really hypnotic.
    I agree with you about the lack of flexibility of video editing, really frustrating when we get used to a nearly total flexibility in the audio world.
    and to be honest, i was never able to find a video software that i really liked.
    so, here come my question: what soft did you use?

  4. I used Pinnacle’s free Videospin for this, but they had a sale over the weekend for Pinnacle Studio at a cut rate (something like 87% off retail price) so I’ll be using that for the time being. It should suit my purposes for now, but it seems very much targeted at making home movies.

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