Usually on the last day of a calendar year, I post a stupid riff, some aimless bit of crud I, for some inexplicable reason, had sitting in my works in progress folder for a sizable portion of the year. This year is a little different in that I’ve pretty much gotten in to the habit throughout the year of deleting any stupid crap I can’t seem to do anything with.

However, there is one thing that has been sitting around for a while, something I can’t quite finish right but can’t quite let go of. So in the vague spirit of Stupid Riff Day, I give you my attempt at applying my general ambient noise approach to a dub stylee. I don’t think it’s completely without merit, but I also don’t find it very satisfying. If I don’t post it, though, the damned thing just won’t leave me alone. So here it is, SIGHUP’s Stupid Dub Day 2008.

SIGHUP – StupidRiffDub2008

And for the sake of walking down memory lane and enjoying some of my more awful musical moments, here be the stupid riffs ought six and ought seven:

Stupid Riff 2007

Stupid Riff 2006

[Update] Synthtopia has taken up the stupid riff mantle. First step toward memehood.

For anyone there, I’ve signed up to Twitter. I had initially resisted, because blogging meets text messaging just didn’t scream worth to me. But so far (about four days), I’ve found it kind of fun. It’s a little like Facebook without the sick “I see dead people” feeling.

Should you go looking I can be found here:

I’ve been interested of late in doing some works for moving images, but have no real experience working with video. To that end, I’ve started messing around with video editing software to acclimatize myself to the process. Strange process to some degree for my audio-centric brain, in that it bears similarities to working with audio sequencers, but it all seems fundamentally less flexible. I’ll get used it, no doubt.

Below is the fruit of my first weekend’s labour. Don’t expect much, since it’s really just a proof-of-concept for me, but I liked it as a sort of postcard. I found stock footage of a dandelion, which I quite liked (made public domain on on the good graces of one C. E. Price), and looped/edited it to 10min, the track I did recently in ten minutes. The haphazardness of the track seemed appropriate for this video.

[flashvideo filename= /]

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