Chris at Analog Industries has put out a challenge to the loyal to write a song in ten minutes flat, from pre-setup to finish. Fun exercise. Here’s my entry:

SIGHUP – 10min

I did this in just under ten minutes, from opening Audiomulch to running some quick final touches on it in Sound Forge. I chose to go with something more musical than my usual drone/ambient/noise thing, since the audience at AD is likely to be less in to that sort of thing. Played MrRay73 (an e-piano VSTi plugin) into Loopyllama, recorded a quick 8 bar loop and one overdub, stopped, added effects, moved the e-piano over to a second mixer channel, added some more effects, hit record, played along with loop, saved, added a fade and some compression in Sound Forge, and saved. All done rather stream-of-consciousness stylee, as I had no preconceptions or specific ideas as I went in. There’s some flubs in there, it’s mostly plunky aimless stuff (although I think it turned out pleasantly entertaining), and the fade isn’t quite right, but then, it was all done in under ten minutes after all.

Hop on over here to Chris’s blog to check out what others have done and to post your own. Chris will pick his favourites from the bunch and give them a free copy of the forthcoming Audio Damage Automaton effect plugin. I already have Automaton, so I’m not in the running for the prize.

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