Toronto June 19 2008 SIGHUP live

Last night’s show went great. I was pleased overall with my set, and the other acts on the bill did some great stuff. The picture above is me as an exploding ball of electricity, taken by our illustriuous show organizer, Kate MacDonald (I’ve embedded it into the mp3 file, figured I’d try that out as I’ve never really done that sort of thing before). Here’s audio, mostly sounds right, although imagine it played really loud over a kicking PA system. The bass tones were rattling.

SIGHUP – Live June 19, 2008 at Savage Garden, Toronto

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  1. Nice jammies. Is that a glow necklace I see you wearing?


  2. I wish.

    The club put on an electric orb animation on the overhead. I was wearing a light shirt, so for most of it, I was near completely camouflaged.

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