Audio Damage has a multiband distortion plugin called Kombinat in development. Chris has been providing updates here and there on Analog Industries about its development progress. As always with AD plugins, I have the privilege of testing Kombinat while still in beta. It’s a fantastic, ridiculously versatile signal shaping tool.

Here’s an example of the range of effects you can achieve with fairly simple adjustments to a set configuration. You can see the settings I started from in the above picture.

Audio Damage Kombinat demo clip

This clip has first a dry recording of some skin drums, followed by four affected iterations. In each instance, the settings are exactly the same except for a few changes: it starts out set to multi mode with the input gain at 40%, then input gain is set to max, followed by the same iterations in serial mode.

With only a few minor adjustments, you can go from tame to destroyed quite easily. Which I think stands in nice contrast to its most obvious competitors, Izotope’s Trash and Ohm Force’s Ohmicide, neither of which are what I would describe as straightforward and simple to use (both have their merits, but personally I think they’re both too cluttered up with a lot of useless junk that obscures the good stuff).

I think folk are really going to like this one. It has a very responsive gain structure that has a nice effect on the sustain/gating of the distortion (much more like a proper fuzz pedal than most plugins). And it has a fantastic, heavy-handed one knob compressor thrown in for good measure. I’m really hoping we see a separate plugin of just the compressor with its parameters broken out.

One little site update, my webhost, Dreamhost, is in the midst of the slow process of restructuring the file servers this site uses. Sadly this means that my site’s going to be slow for a little while, so please bear with it.

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