After two years of blogging at the most excellent Intelligent Machinery website, I’ve decided it was time to bring it all in house. It’ll take me a few days to get it all sorted out.

Initially I wasn’t sure I’d be able to import the old content, but through some minor effort, I was able to cache the old blog to an RSS feed xhtml file and move it over. Some of the old stuff (links, formatting, pictures, I wasn’t able to capture comments on the old blog) might be broken. The old content has been categorized, hopefully in a sensible manner.

Comments: (4)

  1. You blog looks like shit.

  2. Looks good to me. Needs some categories.
    Also, the tiny text for the comment date and submit button are almost invisible for me.

  3. Jesus, it’s looking gaudy in here. You might want to tone down all the wacky colors.

  4. I’ll endeavour to do better. It’ll be a challenge to accommodate all of you in one fell swoop, though.

    There are categories. Seems they’re hiding at the moment.

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