Along with the blog relocation, I’ve moved the Sounds Found Project to the server:

I’ve ported most content to its new home–the two recordings from Austin, Texas being the exception, primarily because they are big files and I was tired of waiting on the ftp upload to finish. I will put them back soon.

Now that it has a new home, I’m going to endeavour to revise the site. It needs to be moved to a database format as the list grows, and I’m considering adding some kind of efficient user submission system. Since the original project was really just meant to be stuff that I recorded and shared with the world, I hadn’t really ever given any proper attention to expanding it to other contributors. The other contributors on the project are friends and have all joined through me directly. But that might change. I’m investigating what software will suit my needs, so it will progress in the next few months. I’ve also just ordered a Zoom H2, making recording while out and about both easier and less conspicuous for me. Expect new Toronto content soon.

The project still also resides at its original home at Intelligent Machinery. I’m not sure what we’ll do yet with it. It might disappear, it might remain as a mirror, it might become a second and independent cell of the project. Too early to know which way it’ll play out.

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