Here’s last night’s set recorded. It’s 20 minutes long, 31MB download.

I think it turned out pretty well. A few of the transitions should have been smoother, I find it tricky to get fades out smooth on the Kaoss Pad, it kind of goes from clearly audible to silent really fast. There’s an extended windmill solo in the latter half of the set, I’m hoping that’s a first. I’ve had that windmill recording for nigh on two years, been itching to do something with it.

John Ingram, IMP proprietor, will be pleased to know that I was even using reverb. I just got a good deal on a Lexicon LXP-1 over the weekend, made its debut with me last night. Best part, the reverb used to belong to Anne Murray as part of her live show in-ear monitoring system. The guy who sold it to me had a whole bunch of them. Wish I’d known beforehand that he had several, I probably would have gotten another.

Live rig was more streamlined than past shows, two samplers (MPC500 and Kaoss Pad 3), the reverb unit, the Beavis Audio Four Knob Rat MKII (a modded Proco Rat clone) and a mixer. Normally I go in with a few more effects pedals, but I rather liked the simpler layout, easier to setup and take down again.

Unfortunately, I had my phones input level higher than normal, so there is some clipping on the recording. Mind the occasional pops/clicks would you, round the ninth and eighteenth minutes. Hopefully they aren’t too distracting.

I’m playing live tomorrow night in Toronto on a bill with a whole bunch of other people.

Show starts at 9pm, doors open at 8. It’s at the Renaissance Cafe at 1938 Danforth Ave (just west of the Woodbine subway station). I should be going on somewhere between 10 and 11. No idea what I’m going to do yet, but it’ll come to me before a go on.

[edit] I now have the set line up for anyone headed out:

    Cauterwall (9-9:20)
    This Instrument (9:25-9:45)
    Beta Cloud (9:50-10:10)
    SIGHUP (10:15-10:35)
    Sleep Research Facility (10:40-11)
    Ouroboros (11:05-11:25)
    Toxia (11:30-11:35)
    Dreamstate (11:40-12)
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