As I have pimped it three times before in this blog, it seems only right to do so a fourth and final time to say that 112dB’s Morgana is now available for purchase.

It is a fond remembrance of old 8-bit samplers wrapped in a VST plugin (windows only at the moment, Mac and RTAS versions on the way). It’s not only trying to capture the sound of old samplers, it actually sports a fairly nicely designed work interface, too. Such that it is pretty quick and painless to use.

It isn’t perfect, there were some design choices made along the way that I think weren’t as good as initial promise, but my gripes are minor and the current state is probably better designed for scalability. Priced higher than I was expecting (169 euro), which might prove an unfortunate price point with the U.S. dollar trading so low internationally. I think it’s worth it, but then I got my copy at no cost, so I can’t really make that call for anyone.

Try the demo, it’s definitely something a little out of the ordinary.

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