Here’s an update for y’all on the SIGHUP sellout announced earlier this year (for initiaties, search the blog, it’ll pop up).

So, I’ve officially made $2.83 from 6 song downloads. Tunecore has weird accounting lags afoot, so that’s one download on iTunes in August, and 5 downloads in June on eMusic. Why eMusic isn’t showing until the end of August is beyond me. I’m also shocked I sold anything on iTunes. Overall, it worked out to $0.43 per download through eMusic for that month, and $0.70 per download at iTunes.

I do know, based on the stuff you can see at eMusic, that I’ve gotten at least 11 more downloads up until today, so at some point in time that’ll net me another whopping $4.50 (or there about). At this rate, I’m generally confident that the album will pay for the Tunecore costs over the course of a year.

But, it hardly seems worth it, in that I am at the mercy of third parties for any revenue generation, and it strikes me I could make that or more just sticking up a Paypal donate button and some google ads (I think I will add a donate button to the site, I see no reason really not to, and I’m not sure why I haven’t until now. No google ads, though. Bad google ads).

Not sure what to do yet, I’ll be consulting with my advisers to come up with some kind of model. Ideally, some kind of in-house store, simple and obvious in its execution would be the way to go. Of course sloth, inertia and ambivalence all are contributing factors to sustaining the status quo, so I’m not sure when or if changes will appear.

So beer is on me (well, one beer. We’ll have to divvy it up between the lot of us).

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