I posted this at another forum, but thought it should be up here, too.

An outline of what I’ll be using tonight:

1 – mixer
2 – MPC500
3 – Kaoss pad 3
4 – contact mic connected to the kp3. Haven’t decided if I’ll use an mbira with it or just use it in the palm of my hand.
5 – Devi Ever Spectacular Aenima running from a send on the mixer
6 – Jomox M-Resonator running on a feedback loop to the SP AE
7 – Devi Ever LP (which I’m now thinking I might stick in front of the SP AE instead)
8 – Ibanez DML10 II digital modulation delay
9 – my iRiver iHP120 to record the output from the phones jack. I’ll be recording to a lossless .wav file, but unfortunately much of the sound will be dual mono, since the mixer only has a mono send (and all the effects but for the Jomox filter), so it just mixes the mono return signal to both channels. I’ve only tested recording this way once, so hopefully it works out.

And if this whole noisedrone thing doesn’t pan out, I’m well kitted to do a techno set.

All of it fits into my Korg Prophecy carrying bag, so it’s reasonably portable, although a little on the heavy side. My only real concern for tonight is how quickly I can plug it all together. I have 10 minutes set up time, give or take, and that’s eight things to take out of a bag, set up and nine cables to plug in, in semi-dark conditions. +1 for laptops on that front.

But then, -1 for laptops:

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