Just got back from the show. All things considered, I think it went really well.

There were a few hiccups in the set, probably only noticeable to me. The club’s PA was way more sensitive than the line in from my audio card at home (where I’m accustomed to hearing my stuff mostly), so I was running things much quieter than I’m used to. As a result, in places where I was expecting the filter and fuzz pedals to go off and do their own thing, they didn’t, since the input wasn’t as massively loud as normal. So, there were a few times I went quieter than I was expecting (mostly near the end, the middle pause was intentional). I’m also reasonably sure I bumped the BPM setting in the Kaoss Pad while setting up, because I think the samples played from the KP3 are much slower and at a lower pitch than they were supposed to be. But, listening back to it, the set didn’t suffer for it.

I didn’t use the contact mic in the end, for some reason it sounded awful in sound check, and mostly just picked up on mains hum (I think the low volume was the issue again, because it didn’t seem to interact with the filter or fuzz pedals much at the time). I’ll have to rethink how I’ll work that out for the next time.

I’ve recorded the audio. Two things to note, it wasn’t recorded lossless since my recorder set itself to record at 320kbps MP3 without consulting with me. Also, apparently I hadn’t compensated on the phones out level for the lower overall volume on all incoming channels, so I recorded everything at around -25dB, which was really quiet. So, I had to boost the signal a lot, and possibly some bass frequencies were lost as a result. Which actually worked out okay since there was no clipping in the recording. The recording was run off my mixer, so didn’t capture the reverb of the club and isn’t nearly as loud as the set sounded to me at the time.

Several folk said they liked what they heard afterwards, so it all gets chalked up as a success in my book. Since I’m all kitted up for it, I expect there will be more SIGHUP live shows soon.

Here is the audio, roughly twenty minutes. Remember to play it loud and in a semi-large room with maybe 20 people in it for verisimilitude’s sake:


Someone was there with a video camera, so there’s always a chance it’ll turn up on Youboob, too.

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