Thought it wise to post a reminder that I’ll be playing live tomorrow night at Savage Garden in Toronto.

Here’s the tentative schedule for the evening:

Doors open a 8pm

Ghost Of A Flea 9:30-9:50
SIGHUP 10-10:20
Tropism 10:30-10:50
Brother Rat 11-11:20
Dysenteryaki Deadtone 11:30-11:50
Toronto Noise Company 12-12:30
Cauterwall 12:30-12:50

I’m hoping to record my set. If it turns out alright I’ll post the recordings.

KVR launched its second annual freeware developer’s challenge last night. Forty-one free musical things available for download, with of course some duds and some gems.

Highlights for me are Nicolas Fournel’s Blip, a drawing step sequencer, lidsquid audio’s Grapheed, a sequenced granular playback sampler, and xoxos’ nature models, of which the bird and insect models are absolutely dazzling.

Click the link in the first sentence to take you there.

Every now and again I pop on over to the Mopis website just to listen to one of their demo songs.

The song, downloadable as an mp3 by clicking here, is called Yes Monkeys. It’s a fun little song based around vocal samples, that have that sort of Fred text-to-speech sound reminiscent perhaps of Add N to X’s Plug Me In, except maybe a little heavier on the romantic grand gesture.

Mopis is a reasonably priced software synthesizer that is a hybrid subtractive/additive which converts samples into usable wavetable data for its oscillators. I don’t actually have or use Mopis, as I have really no need for such a synth, but damn do I love that song.

So if you are inclined toward such synths, please do consider getting Mopis, just as thanks for Yes Monkeys.

Runner up is Evolver Acoustic by Saul Stokes available on the Dave Smith Evolver page, which is actually just patch number 33 of Bank one of the Desktop Evolver’s factory programs, but it is always surprising to me.

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