I’ll be playing a live show on September 13 at Savage Garden in Toronto with several other acts. The event has been organized by Toronto Noise Promotions (Joel Collet of the Toronto Noise Company, one of the other acts on the bill). It’s a noise night, although how heavy, I’m not completely sure (heavier than a lot of my recorded output at least, so I’ll be going with a lot more distortion than my last releases might suggest).

Most of the other acts have myspace pages, accessible via the Toronto Noise Promotions page linked above. Doors open at 8, the show starts just after 9pm. I’ve requested to go on around 10pm, but I won’t know exactly what time until that night.

I’ll post here with some info on my live rig in the next few days. I’ll be going without laptop, whereas I think most of the other folk on the bill will be primarily laptop acts. My rig will be some variation on the setup I outlined on Devi Ever’s forum, mentioned in my last blog entry.

Here are links to the full fliers for the show with listings of the acts involved:

flier a
flier b

Hope to see some of you there. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that the name of the event was in fact not my idea.

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