New SIGHUP release “Face” now available.

This is a free release and the second Intelligent Machinery single (following the excellent Interrogate recently released by Jack & Chloe, from which “Face 1” was partially inspired). Click the picture to go to the release page.

Two tracks in all, totalling somewhere around thirteen minutes. The tracks started out as demos for a new sample pack of one shot drum sounds released this week by my good friends at Real Music Media. Once I had both tracks complete, I liked them as a whole and proceeded to make some adjustments so that they fit together nicely. They are slow, dusty affairs, lots of faint, repeated sounds, machine noises and the occasional drum part. You’ll even hear my new tape machine being put to use in these.

Cover relief illustration taken from the three volume “Oeuvres D’Architecture De Jean Le Pautre” published in 1751, digitized by the fine and masterful folk at BibliOdyssey.

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