As of some time recently (can’t say when exactly, but I’d guess it was during the last two days), Edison Moon is available for purchase through the iTunes store.

Interestingly, you can buy the first four tracks separately for $0.99, but apparently track 5, “Goodnight my moonlight,” can only be purchased if you buy the whole album. I’m guessing separate track purchases must be under 10 minutes, and that the cost of all tracks sold separately needs to tally up to more than the $9.99 full album cost.

I recommend buying the album as whole anyway, since it was made to work as such, and in my opinion the last track is both the best one of the bunch and the soul of the album. It was in fact the first track I completed of the five, most larger works I’ve done generally grow as elaboration on an idea struck upon in a single track. The next thing I am currently working on started that way, as have most releases of the past three years.

Click here to go to the iTunes page. And as ever, you can go hear to get through eMusic.

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