Following an interesting discussion on Analog Industries and a similar such conversation I had with venerable Intelligent Machinery honcho John Ingram, I’ve decided to go commercial. So as of a few hours ago Edison Moon is now a commercial concern, as will be select future SIGHUP musical works. Likely not all of my output will be commercial, but the bigger projects will be for the foreseeable future.

I am doing so as an experiment to simply see what will come of it. I suspect people who have never heard of SIGHUP will have a chance to do so, because commerce has a good way of directing attention, and I might even pick up one or two regular listeners in the end. Maybe. That’s the hypothesis anyway, we’ll see what comes of it.

Until now, the only commercially available SIGHUP track was something I did for a benefit compilation for Stillstream radio, available on Blue Water Records (which is a good deal for 17 hours of music, but I’m one of the artists on the compilation and even I haven’t yet found the strength to listen to it in its entirety, so my sympathies to the casual listener. For what it’s worth, I think my track (called “Longplayer”) is one of the best things I’ve done musically to date, ranks somewhere in my top five best things).

In the past I had resisted selling music in part on principle. I find commerce and money to be foul creations, and wished to keep music apart from that. But like it matters really, that ship sailed long ago and quite frankly my position was hypocritical as I am well-integrated in this very commercial society we live in. Unless I’m willing to drop out, I think my stance was pointless. And most people in this world just aren’t aware of free music. Perhaps it is a sad statement that selling stuff is the only way to reach most folk, but that’s how it goes, I guess. Besides, it’ll be “free” on the p2p any time now any way, so lovers of not paying need not fret.

So there you have it. Look out for SIGHUP to appear on eMusic and iTunes US/Canada/Japan/Australia/Europe on or before August 5, 2007. I’ve gone digital download only for now. I may go with physical copies as well at some point in time, but I’d have to get my head around doing that, so won’t be making steps toward that direction just yet.

All other past SIGHUP releases will remain free for time immemorial.

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