To further update my great adventures in selling out, Edison Moon is now available for download from eMusic.

If you are an eMusic member and didn’t get a chance to get it when it was free or just want to show some support for all that is SIGHUP, you can get it here. It will also be available some time between now and August 5 on iTunes, but last I checked, it was not yet there.

Which (my shilling aside) brings me to my point. I created my account with Tunecore and added the record to its system last Sunday, June 10. By Wednesday, June 13, the record was showing on eMusic’s site.

Now, I’m sure each service has its detractors, but to my view they have shown exactly how commercial digital distribution services should work. Consider: with Tunecore, you sign up, add content, upload your tracks, configure its distribution and pay for the transaction 100% through their user interface. No waits, no complicated validation process, no mailing of physical copies. And they push content to its distributors so quickly, that, as long the distributor is on top of things (like eMusic appears to be), the content could be available to the public within a matter of days.

That’s how it should work, simply because that is obviously exactly how it can work.

Further to Tunecore’s credit, they have reasonable fees ($21 to get Edison Moon on iTunes worldwide and eMusic. Considering I’m doing this on a whim, that sits nicely in the “so low, why worry” category for me) and a very non-intrusive user agreement. I’m sure they could do well with more partner distributors (they have more than eMusic and iTunes, those are just the only ones I felt inclined to bother with), nonetheless, they have a fan in me.

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