So the March edition of the monthly noise-free-for-all took place Saturday evening. The event was quite a bit of fun, lasted a little over two and a half hours and featured a good ten or twelve participants. And it was pretty noisy.

Unfortunately, through some kind of a technical error, the whole event wasn’t all recorded for the downloadable mp3 as it has been in previous months. Our man Mystahr, however, was able to record a good portion of the event (roughly the last 90 minutes) and has mixed it down and chopped it up into an album of 10-minute chunks of easily digestible scree.

Fun way to listen back to it, as it omits the occasional lull and false starts in between momentum shifts that happen in such events. Click here to get the collection. Mind some of the audio stoppages on tracks 3&4, though, I think Mark was having some on again/off again troubles with bandwidth for a while. There were so many of us on-line, we may have taxed Ninjam more than it could bear.

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