I’ve recently become fascinated with outboard multi-fx units. Not sure why exactly, since the likelihood that I will actually get one is low. Probably something I picked up while reading the Analog Industries blog, especially from Chris’s fascination for the Sequential Circuits Pro-FX modular unit (a fascination I now share). Anyway, I accidentally stumbled across this:

It’s the Mutronics Colorsound, a joint effort between, erm, Mutronics and Colorsound. Mutronics being the maker of the Mutator filter bank, and Colorsound being the makers of guitar pedals modeled on specific pedals from the 60s. I had never seen this thing before, which is essentially four guitar pedals contained with a fancy rack unit, but apparently it’s old news, even being reviewed four years ago in Sound on Sound, and I’m guessing no longer in production.

It’s a weird one for sure. Strikes me as odd to present guitar pedals in a high-end, boutique rack format, and selling them at a high-end, boutique price point (which appears to have been $1500 in 2002, but since Vintage King Audio was the only place I could find it on sale and you have to email for a price, I have no idea what they go for now).

It’s odd, but I find it really neat, especially since it seems like an off-the-cuff idea destined to be binned shortly after launch. So if anyone out there wants to give me one, I’d more than a happily accept.

Click the picture to take you to the info page on the Mutronics website, which appears to be only accessible via Google, and not from the Mutronics main page (further evidence they aren’t making the thing any more). I’m sure further googling would tell me how successful these things were, but I’m only so motivated to find these things out.

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